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Why I AM Grateful…

  I am grateful for all of the lessons I learned this year! I am grateful for the failures I had because I am now ready to move forward in my next chapter. I am grateful for the rejections I received. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to my alma mater. I am grateful for the scholarship I gave to a young woman from my former high school. I am grateful for relationships I created this year. […]

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My Holiday Wishlist

  Happy Holidays!!!! I just wanted to share my “Holiday Wishlist” for 2015. It’s just a few things on my list….some money, money, money; sunglasses, diamond earrings; glam glow and more. Well, I hope you have a safe and cheerful holiday season with family and friends! Enjoy.


Get Understanding…

  In all your getting in life, get understanding! This has stuck with me for years. It’s actually an interpretation from the bible. I have always been inquisitive. I have always challenged the deck of cards that life has tried to deal to me. I never take anything for face value. And you shouldn’t either. I don’t want to be a new Slave!!!! Kanye West explicitly explains it in his song, New Slaves: “I throw these Maybach keys I wear […]


The Power of Faith #CashFlowSeries

  #CashFlowSeries Step (7) Seven: The Power of Faith “The only person who determines the thoughts you choose to believe about yourself, is you” Rich Dad says “Our deepest thoughts are often reflections of our souls. Thoughts are a reflection of our love for ourselves, our egos, our dislike of ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and our overall self-opinion”. Learn to speak positivity into your life. Speak life into your life! Say positive affirmations daily. Write positive affirmations. Turn negative […]


Simple Three (3) Methods of Getting Over Failure #CashFlowSeries

  #CashFlowSeries Step Six (6): Make Disappointment Your Strength “Inside every disappointment lies a priceless gem of wisdom” Rich Dad says “The future belongs to those who can change with the times and use personal disappointment as building blocks for the future”. Don’t be afraid of failing!!!! When you fail, you actually learn from the failure if you look for the lessons in it. Begin looking at failure as a positive attribute because when you fail, you learn what not […]