Giving Thanks To You!

  Happy Thanksgiving! Sending you lots of love and light as you celebrate thanksgiving with your family and friends. I am grateful for all of the love and support I received this year from family, friends and the Understandology tribe. There has been lots of ups and many downs but I am thankful for everything of abundance in my life.  Thank you. What are you thankful for this year in 2015? Share with me below in the comments.


How To Manifest Your Vision

  I am all about POSITIVITY!   I found this affirmation but I cannot remember where I found it to give it credit. However, I thought I would share it with you during this week of Thanksgiving. Because Thanksgiving is all about abundance. Isn’t it?   As we enter 2016, I know many of us will be working on creating new goals, visions, and plans for ourselves, families, and businesses.   So I hope that you find these words of […]

Top 5 Secrets of Getting In

Top 5 Secrets To Get In

I am sharing with you these Top 5 Secrets that helped me receive my doctoral degree. These secret tips helped me turn a rejection letter into an acceptance letter. Anyone can use these tips. It doesn’t matter if you are applying for undergraduate or graduate school…these tips will help you increase your chances of getting in.    #1 SUPPORTING PERSONAL LETTER Discuss your shortcomings and/or weaknesses Explain how you can improve your weaknesses or how your strengths out way them Give an example […]


90’s Inspired Lips For The Pro

  Rock Fall 2015 Lips Like A Pro!  Get inspired by the 90’s lippies from the deep plums to burgundy shades. Incorporate these fall lip colors into your professional look. Yes, you can rock the “Fall Lips” in the office, on campus or if you’re just in the mood to just do it no matter where you’re going! Now go rock those fall lips like a pro-fessional. Matte lipstick amazon.com Red lipstick $21 – princesspolly.com Revlon lipstick riteaid.com Laura Mercier makeup bergdorfgoodman.com Estée […]

top 5 expert tips

Top Five (5) Ways To Become A BADASS Expert

Learn The Top Five (5) Ways To Position Yourself As The Go-To, #1 Expert In Your Field! Get Your Guide here. Get Your FREE Copy of Play Your Position: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A #1 Expert